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The Beauty of Wearing Cultured Tahitian Pearls

Cultured Tahitian Pearls for Creating Stunning Appearances

Amazing Cultured Tahitian Pearls NecklaceCultured Tahitian Pearls are the most valuable type of pearls, second only to the South Sea pearls. These types of pearls used to create some of the most stunning appearances by the ladies who wear them after they have been cultured.

Tahitian pearls are made on the island surrounding Tahiti before they all get aggregated in Tahiti from where they get exported. Unlike their freshwater cousins and just like their saltwater brethren, the pearls are produced in small quantities, usually one pearl per oyster per harvest.

The cost of purchasing the Tahitian pearls can be a little steep compared to the imitation pearls and freshwater pearls. They are also more expensive than the Akoya pearls and boast of high color luster and size. The cultured Tahitian pearls are always exotic on the wearer of the product.

Cultured Tahitian Pearls makes you Stand out from the crowd

Tahitian pearls are not worn by everyone, they are worn only by those who truly appreciate quality, class and fashion sense. They are an amazing way to make a fashion statement. They are a good ornament to add to your outfit to create a unique fashion style.

The Tahitian pearls give a very lovely look when used to style our outfits. The cultured Tahitian allows their wearers to combine various styles, color, and designs to express themselves.

Features of Cultured Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are produced by the black lipped oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera, they are produced naturally with colors that range from blue, purple, brown, silver but never a pure black.

Tahitian pearls are, however the only natural black pearls among the range of pearls, however, the pearls that are commonly described as black Tahitian pearl are pearls with natural dark body colors.

They are known to also display an amazing range of overtones (especially the baroque and circular shapes). Tahitian pearls also have sizes that are usually categorized as:

  • Round
  • Near Round
  • Baroque
  • Circle

Tahitian pearls with dark green body color and peacock overtones are historically the pearls that have been the most sought after.

Showing your Fashion Style with Cultured Tahitian Pearls

Cultured Tahitian Pearls are an amazing way to add jewelry to our outfits to show our creativity, style, designs, and personality. A Tahitian Pearl helps you turn a basic outfit into a dressed up trendy look simply by adding a glamorous, bold and detailed necklace.

Cultured Tahitian Pearls can be designed to be single strands or as a multilayered necklace. Multilayered necklaces are mostly worn by women with high taste who want to be trendy, stylish and elegant.

Combining Tahitian Pearls with other Outfits

Lady with cultured tahitian pearlsYour cultured Tahitian pearls can compliment your dinner gowns and even your leather jacket and somebody fitting, tight ripped jeans to create that cool and chic like look. You are at liberty to lighten up your day without limiting yourself to only dark colors by using colorful settled tones instead of just flashy bright colors.

Cultured Tahitian Pearls are particularly great when worn with more girly outfits and vintage-inspired fashion outfit. Tahitian pearls are rare, beautiful sea gems with a highly stringent and expensive production process.

They are traditionally also called black pearls which make them especially appealing to jewelry lovers.

They have an amazing, dazzling effect when they reflect light. Cultured Tahitian Pearls have unique coloring which makes them visually appealing. They are a gift that many ladies will treasure and appreciate.

Cultured Tahitian Pearls Fashion Value

Round and semi-round shaped cultured Tahitian pearls are considered the most valuable shape which also makes them the most expensive, they are closely followed by the drop, and button types, while the circle and baroque shapes are considered the least expensive of the lot because of their numerous imperfections. The value of a pearl is directly related to the rarity of the pearl.

The size of a pearl is also used to estimate its value. Large cultured Tahitian Pearls are considered rare because very few of them actually become big during production. A minimum of 2 years is required for each pearl to attain maturity, with 3 years a more typical value.

To attain a perfect balanced appearance, you can combine your pearl necklace with any colored outfit you intend to wear to your outings and make yourself stand out.

Turn Up with Tahitian Pearls on your Body

Tahitian PearlsA cultured Tahitian Pearl allows you jazz up your normal outfit into a more exotic one by adding a feminine, chic, stylish and cut pearl statement.

Just like the other type of pearl, they are produced as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl rings, pearl bracelets, pearl pendants and as a full pearl set.

If you are truly ready to create an exotic pearl signature for yourself, a cultured Tahitian pearl is an amazing pearl to have.

They are best when they rest gracefully on the neck of the wearer, but some people prefer to pair it with other ornaments on their neck by combining them to create a stunning and a remarkable fashion style.

They are particularly great when used to create that stunning, high-class, sophisticated look. They add a modern touch to your outfit, which when worn with your trendy outfit gives you that smart, sexy and well-groomed style you yearn for.

You can shop for Tahitian pearl necklace, Tahitian pearl earrings, and Tahitian pearl bracelet.

You can also decide to buy them as a set in order to avoid searching for a color match in the future.

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