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See The Pearl Necklace The Duchess Of Cambridge Borrowed For A Dinner That Got Everyone Talking

The Royal four Strand Pearls

See the pearl necklace the Duchess of Cambridge borrowed for a dinner that got everyone talking
queen choker pearl necklaceBeing a royalty comes with a lot of inconveniences, but if you are the daughter-in-law to the family of one of the oldest monarchy in the world, there are attached pecks you must enjoy. At the recently organized dinner to celebrate the Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary, which held on the 22nd of November, 2017, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge wore a four-strand pearl choker belonging to the Queen.
The daughter-in-law to the Queen of England certainly enjoys lots of privileges that even with a lot of money cannot buy, in such situations, the rest of us have to watch in envy or admiration, depending on the divide you are. On the occasion of the dinner, the Duchess chose rather to ignore any of the pearls in her chest of gem stones and other exotic gemstones; she opted instead to borrow a pearl necklace from no other person than the queen. But, Kate isn’t the first person to have borrowed this four strands of pearls fastened with a diamond clasp, in short, someone else had worn that same pearl necklace the very year Kate was born…

Before we talk about who this fellow borrower is, let’s talk about the beauty of the pearl gem.

A precious gift of a pearl it has been from the Japanese Government to the Queen

Given as a gift by the Japanese government to the Queen in 1980, the choker was commissioned by the Queen using cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are the alternatives to natural occurring pearls which are very rare to find and are produced in a process, known as pearl culturing which uses a variety of ways to improve the quality, appearance and put effects that are not found in nature. Unlike imitation pearls, however, cultured pearls use a method that assists the natural pearl producing process. The Queen’s passion for pearls is well known and she is reputed to have established an industry that cultures pearls for her when nature is unable to meet her needs. The elegant choker was a regular feature on the neck of the queen in the 1980 and 1990s. For the queen and her family, there is really nothing to prove.

Passed Down the Royal Daughters

The pearl is known to be highly durable and can last a lifetime
The four-strand pearl choker necklace is clearly older than the 35-year-old Duchess, who is borrowing the pearl just like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana Kate’s had previously borrowed the piece for a state banquet in 1982 held at Hampton Court Palace in honor of the Netherlands.
Luckily, her own daughters could also in the future use it as the pearl is known to last a lifetime, especially if properly cared for. In this case, with the condition this particular pearl necklace seems to be, one can safely assume that the necklace is not denied its deserved share of TLC.

The Duchess has access to Pearl, when are you getting yours?

Pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelet help enhance the sophistication in ladies and even help make a modest lady look sophisticated in the eyes of the world. Any lady worth her salt should be having at least an Akoya pearl or a Tahitian Pearl and if you can afford it, you should be going for a South Sea pearls cultivated only from the waters of Australia.
At the very least, ladies should be gunning for an imitation pearl when for one reason or the other, you are unable to get either a natural or cultured pearl, as soon as your condition improves, you should be replacing those imitations with the real ones having now had a feel of how much the pearl can change the impression people have about you in so short a time in ways that no other product can do.
The value of the pearl just like wine increases with age…
The value of the queen’s pearl may not be immediately known, however, while certain brands of pearls are quite pricey depending on the type, average income earners can also find some that meet their requirements.

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