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Put A Pearl Necklace Around Your Neck and Get Those Heads Turning Around

Put your Pearl Necklace on, Be Guilty of Distracting the Party

When you wear an Akoya pearl, freshwater pearl, South Sea, and Tahitian pearl necklace around your neck at a dinner party, you are immediately placed in a class of ladies who know what it is to be a woman of style. Without knowing why lots of heads are likely to turn in your direction with many struggling to strike up a conversation with you. You simply become the center of attention. The pearl has been considered a highly valued model of beauty over the ages, however, not many people really appreciate how the pearls on their neck originated and how really patient explorers of pearls have to be before they get each of them.

Pearls are a Precious Object of Beauty

For many centuries, pearls have been a subject of discussions, an object of beauty and a symbol of purity. Today, pearls are as precious as they have always been with more creative, fashionable, classic and contemporary designs churned out daily. Pearls are used to create stunning pearl necklaces, amazing pearl earrings and fascinating wristbands. The limits of the designs are usually limited by the creativity of the designer.
Pearl gems are arguably the best gem that is loved by the more exotic ladies, perhaps because of its simplicity, seductive strands, beauty, and class. Although pearls are not a mineral in the class of diamonds, sapphire, and other popularly known gemstones in the way it is formed, the pearl is also often considered a gemstone probably because it is able to compete with these rare metals for value, it is, however, the result of a biological process.

The Mining… Production of Pearl

Pearls are a product of the natural defensive mechanism of oysters as a reaction to the introduction or the entrance of a foreign body into their mollusk coat. In an attempt to neutralize this foreign body, the oysters coat these foreign bodies with a substance known as nacre, it is the combination of this foreign body and the nacre that makes up the pearls that when worn enhances the beauty of women who wear it on their body.

Pearls are Amulets for Goodluck Also

The lustrous appearance of pearl is not the only reason Pearl products are popular, they are also popular because of their perceived astrological benefits, with those with the beneficial Moon in their horoscope preferring to wear Pearl stones daily for protection, luck, and good fortune. Astrologers sometimes prefer to refer to the pearl as Moti in reference to the planet moon.

It’s hard to say this, you just need to get yours too

Commercially available Pearls come in various colors and shape with white and cream the more popular colors, although color palette can be extended to any hue. Round like oval, drop, button, and baroque is the most frequently encountered pearls.

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