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JewelPendant is the ideal place to find the best pearls’ information on amazing pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pendants and all related jewel accessories. We also show you where you can buy the affordable pearls by carefully selecting the best pearls from Amazon that can make you that exotic woman you deserve to be.

At the heart of every one of us is a desire to be fashionable, every smile, gesture, cloth and high heel shoes are all aimed at accentuating that effect. What we wear, especially when we wear quality pearls jewels, can affect how others perceive us, it takes more than a day to become a fashion diva.

Lady Wearing Pearl Necklace

We realize how important fashion is to you, which is why this site is about how Pearls Jewelry -the ancient gem that has passed down the ages, can become an important asset in your dressing gears. We provide useful information about the best pearls gems and show you trendy, up to date and exotic pearl ornaments, you can wear to help you showcase your beauty, enhance your appearance and go out in style more confidently.

JewelPendant is all about you, how to ensure your jewel box is composed of amazing pearls products and accessories. Pearls have historically been a gem of choice for royalty because of the number of social functions and parties held in such circles; however, since such dinners, parties and societal functions left the exclusive list, a lot of us now also attend various types of functions and want to look good on such occasions.

You can buy pearls as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets, which can be combined in various styles. You can decide to go conservative by wearing it in a conventional way or go provocative by combining it in ways that are innovative.

When you stay with us on this blog, designed with your fashion statement in mind, you can be sure of the following:

  • Improve your overall confidence level
  • Be classy, enhance your appearance
  • Help you stay stylish
  • Get heads turning in your direction
  • Be the envy of the girls
  • Ensure you are the toast of the party
  • Leave the class of insecure ladies
  • Be a secure, assured and exotic lady
  • Be classy with enhanced appearance

What Every Woman Should Know About Fashion

Every woman should be fashionable, trendy and impressive. In spite of our busy schedule, we still feel the need to look presentable if we can afford it and when we cannot afford an extravagant lifestyle, we want equally fashionable trends that we can use without breaking the bank.

Our fashion style is our asset.

Pearls improve our fashion appearnaceFashion is a constantly changing phenomenon and it is usually not too long before a particular trend goes out of fashion, hence the need to constantly monitor fashion trends and flow with it so we don’t look like the odd ones out. No matter how far and wide fashion style change, certain fashion accessories stand the test of time and always a good idea to have such fashion items in our wardrobe because of how handy they become especially when we are in doubt as to what is suitable for any occasion and what is not. Black clothes for example almost always look exotic, flattering, expensive and sophisticated and should be one stable cloth in your wardrobe.

As we also begin to grow older, our fashion sense begins to change and mature, we begin to dress more for the occasion than to actually express ourselves, leaving behind our teenage days, when we had the luxury to get away with certain fashion risk. Being grownup usually requires that the occasion you are attending dictates to a large extent what the dress code will be, however, you are permitted to be creative, on certain occasions, you shouldn’t be scared to dress outside of your normal age group. You can step outside your fashion comfort zone once in a while and on such occasions, if you are normally conservative you can try out some provocative fashion ideas that can get the tabloids talking about you for a while and gossip magazines flaunting your pictures around, leaving some mouths hanging in the process. However, you have to know when and where to draw the line because miniskirts, low neckline, and see-through dress are almost always a no-no in a professional setting.

Fashion and Style

Our fashion sense defines our style in all occasions, our hair, our eyelashes, our necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, dresses, heels and makeup all combine to create an image that portrays us at our best to the outside world. In a bid to look fashionable, we know that attires and clothes speak louder about our appearance, but the accessories we wear are also of equal importance if we truly want to look elegant, trendy and portray a unique identity from the crowd of people around us.

A good fashion sense is important to any lady who appreciates her worth and values her class. It will make you stand a chance of appearing and star on a fashion magazine and earn you the spotlight among the girls. It also makes you easily noticed and well-dressed for the occasion. When used properly with jewelry, our outfit can project us as that stunning figure desired by everyone.

When We Feel Inadequate

However, there are situations when in spite of our best efforts, we still feel out of place in a party, inadequate on a dinner date and envious of other ladies who seem better dressed than us. There are also moments where we feel we are no longer able to catch up with the trends or are past our primes with the younger ones beginning to take the shine. While it is true that there will be days when we feel so unsure of ourselves for whatever reason, we can take steps to ensure such days are few and far between.

Nearly every lady knows what dress to wear on different occasions, what can, however, differentiate the truly exotic lady from the rest of the group can be the type, design, manufacturer, and combination of jewelry worn by each lady for such occasions.

How Jewelries Help Enhance Our Personality

Ring Jewelries on the Finger

When we wear jewels as accessories on our body, we attain a sense of individuality with a strong show of fashion taste and consciousness. This identification can be gotten from the type of fashion jewelry worn when stepping out. Jewelry can give you a stylish, fashionable, cool and stunning look. When worn correctly, each piece of jewelry increases our fashion style, statement and creates an image of beauty.

Ornaments like bracelets, rings, earrings, and gemstone have always fascinated the human mind since the earliest history of man and continue to do so. It is hard nowadays to dress up and not wear at least the most basic of fashion jewelry.

Our choice of jewelry goes a long way in enhancing and portraying our character and personality. While jewels are an essential part of our dressing, choosing the right combination is just as important in order to correctly portray the personality we want to show. Jewels are able to impress those who see us wear them as long as we remember that they are accessories meant to showcase our personality while you still remain the center of attention. Jewels are supposed to compliment our overall appearance and not cover it.

The most common jewelries worn are the precious metals like gold, diamond, sapphires, platinum, and silver, however, even them can become boring and unfit for certain occasions, some people prefer therefore to combine their metal jewels with pearls and other soft jewelry. This applies to bracelets, bangles, anklets, and earrings. Artisans have been able to create amazing intricate jewels designs of the highest quality mostly from precious metals that include gold, silver and even platinum which means that you are spoiled for options.

Jewelries are an important aspect of what makes us fully dressed and have been part of human history even before we began to know the value of each of the precious metals, our ancestors were already wearing various forms of bands around various parts of their bodies. Some of these jewelries were worn as part of the rituals for various coronations, funerals, initiation, religious, magical and marriage ceremonies.

Ancient Uses of Jewelries

Freshwater Cultured Pearl
Freshwater Cultured Pearl

Egypt and Mesopotamia are one of the earliest civilization to start producing jewels in an organized way because of their rich tradition and early civilization. They paved the way for others after them to develop the metallurgy and gem industry through the different stages of fashion changes and civilizations, influencing the trends jewelries have had to pass through. Gold is one jewel that has retained its allure down the ages and has largely remained popular because of its value, uses, brightness, beauty, and longevity

The earliest users of jewelries were used them as amulets or ornaments and worn as a form of protection or extra powers to the wearer. Many movies still portray that impression in their films. The Lord of the Rings is one movie that portrays a ring as a symbol of power with the potential to destroy the dark lord Sauron. Some of these ornaments are used to symbolize the winner or defeat of an adversary, while others are used to indicate membership of a particular group of people. Jewels can also be earned or inherited and are sometimes a symbol of authority for the wearer of such a jewel.

As humans began to appreciate the value of the precious metals and stones used to make some of these jewelries, they began to become a symbol of wealth, belief, standing in the society and social status, but not a lot of people know that the earliest forms of jewelry were worn by men and boys, made from flowers (usually orchids) and put as ornaments in an earlobe hole as amulets at the defeat of an opponent. To make such conquest more profound, hair strands from the adversary were seen as prized ornaments and used to initiate young boys as soldiers or warriors. Some of these hairs were dyed with red dyes to symbolize and simulate blood spurting from the victim’s body.

Jewelries Compliment Our Outfits

An important aspect of jewelry is that they add the needed finishing touch to an attire by making the outfit complete. Jewelries have the capacity to turn simple and plain looking outfits into dazzling ones or if used in other ways can tone down elaborate outfits into one that is more gorgeous.

Pearls jewelry stands in a class of its own and has been one way to stay fashionable and stand out from the crowd in any function down the ages; however, it has to be done right. Most of the pearls being worn today are cultured pearls, a man-made approach of inserting a foreign object into the oyster who then cover the object with a material used for self-defense called narche over a period of time, usually about three years.

As societies began to grow and develop, jewelry styles began to assume a life of their own, and became more elaborate.  While still worn as amulets, the materials used in making them became more expensive and evolve, stones, metals, ivories, cowries and other natural forms of ornaments were made and polished into beads, tied together and worn around the neck. Also, red coral beads were turned into strings and worn by women and children as a form of protection against evil forces, beads of amber were worn as a form of protection against illnesses and diseases.3 Stands

Various forms of jewelries exist but the most common forms include:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Eyebrow stud rings
  • Nose stud rings
  • Navel rings
  • Anklets
  • Bangles


woman wearing a necklaceWikipedia describes a necklace as a jewelry article worn around an individual’s neck. It consists of the part that wraps around the neck which can be made of a thread, beads, a number of chains together and other fashionable materials. These bands are then rendered in other materials that range from very cheap, simple materials like beads, threads, to more precious metals like gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum. Most of them also come with objects that hang on the necklaces. These objects can be religious symbols (crosses, crescent, star of David, Omkar, and bull), pendants, charms, amulets, lockets, pendants and other custom symbols.

These hanging objects can also be diamonds, rubies, pearls, gold, emeralds, and sapphires.

Necklaces are a perfect choice to wear on your neck when going for any outing, whether formal or informal. That means if you are searching for a gift to give to your mother, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and any loved one, necklaces are an ideal choice to give. If you are a man who wonders what to give your spouse, wife, girlfriend, lover or mother as birthday gift, valentine’s gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas gift and any special occasion, then you don’t have to wonder any longer, because a necklace is a gift that will always be appreciated by the recipient, especially when such necklaces are made from pearls.

There is a wide range of elegant necklaces available for women and even men.

They range from simple, short, long, bold and other exotic designs, necklaces which stay close to the neck are referred to as chokers. They are available in a wide range of colors from yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, and pink.

With a lovely necklace on your neck, you can have an amazing, elegant and gorgeous outlook and appearance to enhance your unique stunning style.


As the name suggests, earrings are jewels worn on the earlobes of women mostly. They are ornaments that add and Earrings worn on the earcompliment the femininity and beauty to the face of women or a young lady. It can be worn on a wide range of different occasion, functions, evening outings, events, home, business meetings, ceremonies, work and even daily activities. Some people believe that they are the first piece of jewelry noticed when looking at a person because they are at about the same level with the eyes. They come in various forms and are designed to suit all types of faces.

Some of them dangle, others are studs, droplets, and buttons, the list is endless.

Earring rings used to be seen as a sign of prosperity and high social status when worn by men.  Back then, earrings were worn mostly by royalty and nobility.

In most cultures, the ears of the newly born girl are immediately pierced not long after they are born, this helps to reduce the pain that would have been associated with such piercing if it was done when the child was already grown.

Earrings can be worn in two forms; one is by piercing a hole in the earlobe, usually at the lower part and to wear the earring through that hole, while the other type clutches the earlobe and is very useful to men who do not want to pierce their ears. When earrings are worn through the holes in the earlobe, they are known as hanging earrings while the ones that clutch to the ears without piercing a hole are known as stud earrings.

Earrings are able to make the wearer attractive, beautiful and stunning, although seen as the prerogative of women, men are also able to make fashion statements with them making them a unisex jewel piece. Down the ages, there have been different shapes, design, and structure of earrings which are made from different materials that include but not limited to plastic, pearls, gold, silver, wood, bottles, diamonds or platinum. To give earrings more colorful, dazzling, stunning and exotic look, precious gemstones like sapphire, topaz, ruby, emeralds, and diamonds are sometimes also mounted on the materials used for the earrings.


Bracelet are worn on the wrist Bracelet as a word is believed to have originated from the Latin word “brachile” which means “of the arm”. They are worn on the wrist and are a trendy way to make a fashion statement and impress people around. The bracelet unlike other forms of jewelries is incredibly diverse and can be made from almost any material or element one can think of, be it glass, leather, fabrics, plastic, shells, silicon, chain, woods, stones, rocks and even metals. Traveling around the globe can expose one to many forms of customized and localized bracelets. They can be used to decorate one’s body, heart and fitness monitor, identification tool, geolocation tracking, and even used to restrict movement.

Most bracelets are affordable, easy to personalize and fabricate. They can be used as gifts to friends, lovers, charm bracelets, sports bracelets, and various other forms.  Most people cherish them as gifts especially young girls who see bracelets as an entry point into the world of jewels. They are an inexpensive way to make a social and fashion statement and teenagers are particularly fond of it.

Another recent and interesting use bracelets have been put into, is the silicone bracelets used as charity bracelets. Made from silicone, they are designed to have inscriptions on them and being conspicuous, create an immediate awareness of a social cause.


Bangles are round accessories, thick or thin, and worn on the arm just like the bracelet. Both bangle and bracelet are types of fashion accessories worn on the decoration of wrist with the difference being that bangles are fabricated from rigid types of objects, unlike bracelet which makes use of a flexible set of links. Bangles come in two main types:

There are some that are full circles through which the hands slip through to fit loosely on the wrist while the other type comes in a “C” shape that does not close completely. This type tends to be more rigid on the wrist and is usually not as loose as the circular one.


Anklets are ornaments also known as ankle chain, bracelet or strings worn around the ankle, they have been worn by women at various stages of history. They help you put your best foot forward and are an increasingly popular way of adding flair to your already beautiful style. This delicate ornament can sometimes become covered with another form of clothing which can obscure its view and chances of it being seen by others, lots of people who wear it, prefer to wear pants that hang just about the ankle or skirts.

Body Parts Rings

One interesting fashion statement that is less conventional is the wearing of rings in parts of the body that were hitherto not considered places where rings are worn. Some wear these rings on parts of their body that are not obvious with some ladies wearing it on even on their vagina. Some other ways these rings are worn include:

Eyebrow rings

Eyebrow stud rings are conspicuous and popular fashion jewelry worn on eyebrows. Eyebrows rings are more popular as studs or barbell. Piercing can be in various positions on the eyebrow either vertical or horizontal.

Navel rings

Navel rings are rings worn on pierced navels to create a cool, stylish and sexy figure that allows you show off a flat, toned tummy. You can then show off your attractive navel rings, be able to wear short upper clothes which will make the navel rings visible. These are used to make stunning fashion statements and are becoming increasingly popular.

Pearls Jewels from the Sea

Pearls are believed to be one of the earliest gems stones harvested by humans and are regarded as the traditional freshwater and saltwater pearlsbirthstone of June under the Gemini star sign. Traditionally, a lot of people have associated pearls with mystical powers and healing ability, they are arguably one of the first really valuable gems sought for because of their beauty and rarity and unlike other gemstones, they do not require any further enhancement that would require them to be cut or polished to improve their beauty.

Pearls are cultured in two main categories:

  • Freshwater cultured pearls
  • Saltwater cultured pearls

If Pearls are not mined, then how exactly are they formed?

Oysters are the biological producers of pearlsUnlike a lot of other precious metals and gems that get mined or found buried in the Earth, quality pearls are a product of a biological process. A lot of users have come to associate the best pearls available with perfect spherical shape but that is not always the case because the process that leads to making of quality pearls is a biological one. They sometimes have surfaces that are not perfect and can come out with irregular shapes with minor imperfections. Pearls come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and color white, black, gray, red, blue and green although black pearls are indigenous to the South Pacific.


Natural Pearls Formation

So pearls are a result of the oyster’s way of protecting itself from foreign substances. When a foreign object such as a food particle finds its way into the space between the mantle and the shell, the oyster’s natural way of reacting to the irritation is to cover the object with nacre, the substance that it uses to create its shell. The end product of this is what eventually produces a pearl.

A pearl is, therefore, a foreign substance which is covered with different layers of nacre. This process takes a minimum of three years and unlike the jewelry stores will have us believe, not all of them turn out so well, some of them come out in shapes that are uneven and are called baroque pearls. To harvest them, a lot of explorers go in search of oysters in the ocean and hope to find a matured pearl in them. That uncertainty of such expenditure is what has led farmers and explorers to set up farms instead where they can have better control on how the oysters are grown and monitor their progress to maturity. Rather than hope that a foreign object enters into the oyster, they now manually and delicately insert a foreign object into them with a view to assisting the natural process. This process is what gives rise to what is known in the jewel industry as “cultured pearls”.

Cultured Pearls to the Rescue

Although cultured and natural pearls are considered to be of equal quality, cultured pearls are generally cheaper pearls because they are less rare. The only difference between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl production is that an organic matter gets implanted in an oyster or mollusk manually rather than wait for nature to take its course, otherwise, the process of production is the same.

The size of the pearl depends on the length of time the pearl incubates inside the oyster, with three years typically the number of years required to attain such maturity. Generally, the larger the size, the more valuable it is.

Cultured pearls are very valuable jewels in today’s world and are what has made pearls available to a lot more people otherwise it would have been restricted to only the high and mighty in the society. A lot of people do not consider their jewelry box complete without the presence of jewelry. Just like natural pearls, each cultured pearl is unique.

The value of a cultured pearl depends on a number of factors with the most common being the color, size, shape, and luster. The brightness and luster of this precious gem speak volumes about its quality. Several types of cultured pearls exist that are saltwater pearls; freshwater cultured pearls tend to be less expensive and are more affordable for people who want pearls on a budget. The color of the pearl is determined by the oyster or mollusk, the environment and the type of water the oysters are nurtured. White, black, rose, cream, blue, yellow, green, mauve, gray, and lavender are some of the most common. Today, Pearls are commercially cultured to make them affordable for everyone.

And then, Imitation Pearls

Another type of cheap pearl exists that is called imitation pearls. These are not real pearls at all but are only produced to look like pearls. Most sellers will tell you when the pearls are imitations, otherwise, you can tell by how smooth they look and how they feel on the teeth. These types of pearls afford users an opportunity to get a cheap type of pearl in the market. Unlike natural and cultured pearls, imitation pearls are made from artificial materials to create the impression of a pearl. They are not considered a valuable kind of gem but sometimes used to introduce teenagers to the world of jewels.

As you may have noticed, Pearls are sold in the market based on how they are produced which can include:

  1. Natural Pearls
  2. Cultured Pearls
  3. Imitation Pearls

The type of production determines the type of pearls produced which can include:

  1. Akoya pearls
  2. Freshwater pearls
  3. Tahitian pearls
  4. South sea pearls

Akoya Pearls

If you are one of those who want a classical set of pearls, then Akoya pearl will be your best bet. Regarded as the original pearl, they are produced by the oyster known as Pinctada Fucata. This species of oysters is the smallest of all other oysters that are also able to produce the pearl, which accounts for why Akoya pearls are generally smaller than the others and only produce one pearl at a time. Akoya pearls were the first type of pearls to be farmed and cultured and are prized for having lusters believe to be superior to other types of cultured pearls being a saltwater type.

They are mostly produced from the southern part of Japan where they have been farmed since the 1920s, with some small production from Korea and China. Common colors of Akoya pearls include white body color with rose, silver, grey overtone with shades of blue and pick a rarer color. Although black Akoya’s are available in the market, they are almost always an enhanced version of Akoya.

They are mostly used in pear strands, fashion earrings, stud earring, bracelets pendants, and earrings.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are similar to Akoya pearls but are however smaller and slightly lower quality than Akoya pearl. They make an excellent, affordable gift of relatively quality pearls. The most common shapes associated with freshwater pearls are rice-shaped and round shapes. Most freshwater pearls are from China and unlike Akoya oyster, the freshwater oyster is able to produce up to 50 pearls at the same time which is the main reason this pearl prices are lower than the others.

Freshwater cultured pearls can be manipulated in a number of ways to doctor the kind of color output they have at the end of the production process. They are available as stud earring, fashion earrings, bangles, strands, anklets, chokers, necklaces, and bracelets.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls

Tahitian cultured pearls are the only type of pearls with a natural black color and are formed by the species of oysters called Pinctada Margiritafera. Other pearls types that have black colors are usually pearls that have been treated to have that color effect. Although called Tahitian cultured pearls, they are actually farmed in the islands around Tahiti from where they are sent to Tahiti where they are exported.

The Tahitian pearls are considered to be the second only to their South Sea counterpart in terms of value and as a result of the rarity and quality of each pearl. They are easily identified by their dark body color and have amazing iridescent surface overtones. The natural dark color of these pearls is as a result of the type of mollusk that produces this gemstone.

Tahitian Pearls are the larger in size when compared to freshwater and Akoya pearls and can have sizes that range from about 8mm to 18mm. They usually have round, ringed, baroque, circular and oval shape.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are the most valuable of all cultured pearls. Each pearl’s quality is roughly determined by the rarity, demand, and quality of the pearl. The process for producing south sea pearls is quite tasking and difficult, with no corresponding reduction in demand, they are well sought after resulting in their high prices.

The large size of the south sea pearl which is usually about 9-17 mm also contributes to its value and high cost. Just like the Tahitian pearl, the South Sea pearl has a wide range of shapes that include round, near round, drop shaped, baroque, oval and button-shaped.

Beauty of Pearls

Pearls are loved by millions of exotic woman because of their amazing grandeur shimmering and the timeless elegance it exudes.

It is considered a pure form of gem by a lot of collectors.

Compared to other precious stones, pearls are considered to be an affordable kind of jewelry by a lot of people, which however has not lowered its value in the eyes of those who are in love with it. They give women that alluring, classical and flawless beauty through the various forms they are worn.

Pearls are Amazing Gift Items

packaging for pearl

Pearls help create a strong fashion statement and can be a perfect gift for a loved one. A large number of jewelries are made with cultured pearls, from plain single strands to multi-strands to pearls set in gold or other precious meta

ls, or in combination with other precious gemstones. Cultured pearls add beauty to any jewelry they are set in and combined with. Pearls look extremely elegant on elderly women and give them a dignified and sophisticated look, more than any other metal can. A plain strand of expensive pearls can be a lovely and thoughtful gift.

The Supernatural Powers of Pearls

Pearls have also been a symbol of worship and superstition in various cultures. The ancient Greek saw pearls as an important part of a wedding ceremony and believe that it would enhance the love between the couple and were seen as sacred wedding gems and given as souvenirs at such ceremonies. The ancient Hindu saw the pearls as a bringer of long life and prosperity

Important Celebrities Who Also Wear Pearls

Celebrities and political personalities, have also not be left behind in appreciating the value of pearls. Their use by celebrities has become an increasing trend with notable faces among Hollywood stars appreciating their undeniable beauty. It is not uncommon to find stylish faces’ catwalk down the red carpets with pearls handing down their neck, ears, wrist, and ankles. Some even wear it in parts of their body we do not know about. These elegant strings of pearls add a touch of classical fashion look to these celebrities.

Apart from celebrities, a lot of world leaders with great fashion sense are also known to wear this precious jewel. Notable among them is the former first lady of the US, Michelle Obama who wears pearls to every important occasion she attends, the Queen of England is also a great lover of pearls and is reputed to own a factory where pearls are cultured. Other notable celebrities who are fond of this lustrous gems are; Scarlett Johansson, Rita Ora, Ashley Olsen, Angelina Jolie and Rihanna. They, however, are not the only ones, who consider the special jewelry as both trendy and fashionable, the famous TV show host Oprah Winfrey is known to always adorn this admirable jewelry.

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